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Services offered include (but are not limited to):

Digital File OrganizationOrganizing, renaming and maintaining files and folders in Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
Email Management Checking emails, organizing folders, forwarding emails of importance to relevant persons, responding to parent/customer inquiries etc.
Database Entry & Management (Data Capturing)Entering info into Databases and keeping it updated.
Website / Blog ManagementCreating and/or maintaining simple websites or blogs to help you create an online presence.
Creating flyers, posters, social media images and the like, to use for marketing purposes or to create social media presence.
Social Media ManagementCreating and/or maintaining social media platforms, e.g. FB Pages, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles etc.
Calendar & Schedule Management Scheduling meetings or appointments and adding upcoming events on shared calendars. (Google Calendar/FB Page Events)
Typing, Proof Reading, Editing and Formatting Documents, letters, emails, blog posts, website pages and social media posts, class lists, contact lists, lesson plans, worksheets and any other documents requested.
Google Forms Creating forms for online applications, surveys, RSVP’s, orders etc. Processing the collected data and/or converting it to other formats such as Word/Google Docs, Excel/Google Sheets or PDF which can be printed out if needed.
Reminders Events, Appointments, Meetings, Birthdays etc. sent to relevant persons in the way they require it (e.g. email, WhatsApp, Telegram, FB Messenger or SMS)

Anything else you need assistance with? Let me know and I’ll see how I can help you. I’m always willing to learn and find ways to make your job and life easier!

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