Admin is my passion!
The mundane (yet very necessary) administrative and technical tasks
that take up a lot of your time and often causes frustration for you,
are the things I love doing.

My name is Elsabé and I am a
Virtual PA.
Never heard of it before?
Keep reading…

What is a va?

Virtual Assistants, also known as VA’s or Virtual PA’s, are professionals who bring administrative and even technical assistance to clients remotely, using their own office space, office equipment, internet access, stationery etc.

VA’s provide you with an alternative to the traditional Secretary or Personal Assistant as an employee, which usually requires physical space, resources and expenses.

You simply send me your request for the admin or techie work you need done, I work my magic in the background to make your life easier, while you work your magic growing your educational related business/organization and you simply pay me for my services.

That means no cost to you for:
– Office space
– Office equipment
– Full- or part-time employment
– Travel costs
AND it saves you time and effort!

You get to work more efficiently and focus on the things that you are passionate about – like building and growing your educational related business/organization or finding and creating new and exciting ways to impact the lives of those people you work with daily.


Show me how you can be my admin solutioneer Elsabé!

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